Webshipper is all about making your work easier by automating entire processes for you.
This guide will teach you how to create an automation that will send the return labels that you create, directly to the customers e-mail address. 

First, navigate to Setting > Automations > Create Automation

Once you're ready to create the automation, you create a trigger that fits your likings. We usually recommend using "shipment" as a trigger when working with return labels. 

Once the trigger is chosen, you must select a condition.
For this automation, you should use "Comparison".

The following condition should look like the following: 

After the condition, we are going to add an action, using the "send e-mail".
Once you get there, it should look like the following:
(Placeholder:     {{shipment.sender_address.email}}   )

Congratulations! You have now created an automation that automatically sends your customers their return labels! 

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