Webshipper is all about automating as much as possible, making it easier for you as a customer, to get through the day.

The power of automations is impressive, and this guide is going to show you how to create return labels whenever you send an order.

First, you will have to navigate to Setting > Automations
When you get to automations, you should see a page that looks like this:

Now, the trigger is whatever triggers the automation. The most common automation for creating return labels, is using "shipment" as a trigger.

If you press "Add Trigger", the following will pop up:

Depending on how you want it to work, you can choose one of these 3 actions. We recommend using shipment, as this means that the return label will be created when the order has been marked as "Sent".

When you choose shipment, you will receive the opportunity to select either condition or action. 

For this automation, you should choose action, as we don't need any conditions (unless you only want it to create a return label if a specific shipping rate has been selected)

Choose "Action" and then you will receive this, press what has been marked on the picture and save the automation from there.

Congratulations! You have now created an automation that will create return labels when you send an order!

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