Having a piece of software that is continuously running can sometimes run into some issues. 

We've created a list of things to try if you are unable to print.

1. Check if the Webshipper Silent Printer is running on your PC or Mac

  • (Windows) - You should see a small icon with the Webshipper logo in your process bar (the icons located next to the clock in the bottom right). You may need to show the hidden ones, by pressing the little arrow pointing upwards.
  • (Mac) - You should see a small icon with the Webshipper logo in the top right of the screen next to the clock.

How-to: Search for the program on your PC or Mac and open it.

2. Restart the client
How-to: Open the Printer client and press "Exit". Reopen the client.

3. Test the printer
How-to: Open a document on your computer that is not related to Webshipper and see if you can print. If not, you should look at troubleshooting the printer.
For labelprinters on Mac computers, make sure you installed the software and that the type is correct.

4. Check which printer the client is trying to print from
How-to: Navigate to Settings > Printers and make sure that the correct printers are selected

5. Call support
How-to: Call Webshipper support at +45 71993801.

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