There can be a lot of different reasons to want to show timestamp in your local timezone, but in this instance, we will focus on adding a field onto a parcel slip, that indicates when an order has been created.

When editing your parcel slip, start of be selecting where you would like this information to be added.

Note: as default, it shows under the field "Details."

In your editor you should see the following as a placeholder:

Order date: {{ order.created_at }}

If you replace this with:

{{ order.created_at | in_time_zone: 'Copenhagen' | date: '%d-%m-%Y %H:%M' }}

You now have the option of selecting a timezone and how much information you want to display using the following logic:

%d = Day
%m = Month
%Y = Year
%H = Hour
%M = Minuttes

Removing one or more of these will leave you with exactly the information you would like to show.

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