Using a business shipping service often leads to a cheaper alternative for customers.

However, it can quickly lead to a problem, if your customer uses this to get a home delivery instead.
It will often lead to you having to pay your carrier a hefty fee.

Not to worry - we can fix that.

When creating (or editing) the rate, you have the option of turning on the "advanced" mode. 

When pressing the button, it turns this:

Into this:

This will allow you to add advanced parameters, thus opening a lot of new option. 

In this case, we want only to show this rate, when the company name has been filled in the checkout. 

To do that, all we have to do is to add the following:

and delivery_address.company_name present?

Which leaves us with:

This logic can be applied in many different scenarios, that lets you customize precisely when you want to show a rate.

If you want to know if something is possible and can't find it on this support forum, please contact our crafty support.

We are happy to help.

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