When sending packages outside the EU, specific information is required.
For instance, you need to indicate the Country of Origin and the Tarif Number.

Doing that manually for all your shipments can be a hassle, so let me show you how to set it up once, and have it transferred to Webshipper automatically.

In WooCommerce you should navigate to Products > Attributes.

Inside the menu, you need to set up two new custom attributes called CountryOrigin and Tarif, so it ends up looking something like this:

Once that is done, these new custom fields will appear on your products.

To fill it in, go to Products > All Products > Select a product and scroll to the bottom of the screen. 

Once the information is filled in, Webshipper will automatically transfer it along with the product on all new orders.

NOTE: It is also possible to manually add the information in Webshipper by selecting the Order > Actions > Edit Order and scrolling down to the orderlines.

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