Needed informations

To get started with Webshipper for Dandomain, you will need an API token from Dandomain. To get such a token, please follow the following steps: 

  • Sign in to your Dandomain store. 
  • Navigate to Indstillinger > Integration 
  • Click "Tilføj ny bruger" and fill the form as shown below

Save API token, as it cannot be shown later. 

Setup an order channel in Webshipper

To set up the connection in Webshipper, follow the steps below.

Sign in to your Webshipper account
Navigate to Settings > Order channels > New order channel > Dandomain
Assign the attributes provided in the order channel form.
The attributes specific for Dandomain are: 

  • Shop URL - The Shop URL is the URL of your dandomain store. For example:
  • API Token - which is the token you created earlier
  • Store ID - which is the ID of your Dandomain store. This is purely used to fetch location for products and is often not needed. If you need locations, please contact Dandomain to get your Store ID.
  • Status id for closed orders - By default Webshipper will change the order status to 'sent' in Dandomain as long as Fulfill automatically is enabled for the order channel. In the rare case, you want the status to be different; you can optionally assign another status ID.
    Click Create order channel. In a few minutes, you should see your orders coming in. 

Setting up shipping rates

Now you need to set up shipping rates for your newly created order channel. If you are not sure how to do this, please have a look at our article about shipping rates:

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