Acquiring the necessary information

To connect your store to Webshipper, you will need the following information: 

  1. The name of your store. 
  2. An API token from

To obtain an API token, you need to sign in at the following page:

Once you are signed in, click on 'Create New Token' under the section 'Personal Access Tokens'.
Now you should see a form similar to this one:

Enter in a name for the token and select the following scopes:


Now click on 'Create'.

You will now be provided with a token, which you will need to save for later use.

Create a new order channel

Now you need to create an order channel in Webshipper for  To do this, navigate to 'Settings' > 'Order channels', click on 'New order channel' and select Mystore.

To connect to Mystore, you need to input the name of your store and insert the API token, which you created earlier. 

Once you have provided the name of your store and the API token, enable 'Fulfill automatically' and click on 'Create order channel'.

Now all new orders from Mystore will be visible in Webshipper and marked as "shipped" once the order has been shipped. 

Setting up shipping rates

Now you need to configure shipping rates for your newly created order channel. If you are not sure how to do this, please have a look at the following article for instructions on how to do so:

 Get Started Using Shipping Zones and Shipping Rates


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