You are able to display the various order lines in the tracking e-mail which the customer receives. This is done through the template for the tracking e-mails, which you may edit through the Webshipper settings, via the various attributes for order lines. You can find these in the Webshipper documentation: Order Lines 

To get started, navigate to Settings > E-mail templates, and click on "New e-mail template". Be sure to make the following edit for all the languages that you need.

(You can also choose to edit an existing template, however we would advise to create a new e-mail template, and make sure it is to your liking before enabling it.)

You can add the order lines anywhere in the template that you prefer. In this example, we will be displaying it below the tracking links by inserting the following HTML code:

{% if shipment.packages.first.order_lines.size > 0 %}    
        <td colspan="2">
            <p>This shipment contains the following products:</p>    
                {% for package in shipment.packages %}
                {% for order_line in package.order_lines %}
                {% endfor %}
                {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

After inserting the above code snippet, the code of the template should look as follows:

Now click on "Update template" and your tracking e-mails will now contain a list of the products in the shipment:


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