To configure the integration between Thetis Pack WMS and Webshipper, please navigate to the following path: Administration/Administration/Forsendelsesmåder/Webshipper

You will need the following information to complete the setup:

  • ¬†Account Name (Webshipper)
  • API token (Webshipper)

In Webshipper, please go to "Settings" > "Access and tokens" and click on "Create API token". Click the "Select all" button option under Scopes and then click on the "Save" button.

Select and copy the API token displayed on the screen, and paste it into the Thetis Pack configuration.

  • Webhook URL (Thetis Pack )

You need to setup 2 webhooks i Webshipper:<context-id>/order/created<context-id>/order/updated

The <context-id> is provided by Thetis Pack. Please contact them at

  • Webhook secret (Webshipper)

#1 Create a webhook by choosing "Settings" > "Webhooks".
Then click "Create webhook"

Paste the API token and then choose "order/created" as the subject. 

#2 Acquire your webhook secret by clicking on "Show" in the webhooks list.
Copy the secret and paste it in Thetis Pack.

Insert all of the above information in the correct fields in the Thetis Pack configuration and you have completed the setup.

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