To integrate Webshipper with Burd, you will need your username for Burd and an API token.

The first thing to do is to configure Burd as a carrier. To do this, navigate to Settings > Carriers, click on "Create carrier" and select Burd from the list of possible carriers. Now, you need to input your username and API token for Burd, and click on "Create carrier".

The next step is to configure a shipping rate for Burd. Navigate to Settings > Order channels, select the relevant order channel on the list and click on "Create shipping rate". Adjust the various basic settings for the shipping rate that you require, such as the name, shipping rate type and so forth, and then scroll to the bottom.

Burd only offers delivery in the area encompassed by certain postal codes, and because of that we need to make sure the system adheres to that. Under Zone 1, select Denmark on the list and scroll down a bit further. Adjust the settings regarding shipping rate and the price thereof to you preference, for the purpose of this example, we will configure free shipping above a cart total of 500 DKK and a shipping price of 30 DKK below that.

Once you have configure the settings for weight, cart total, price, currency and VAT rate, click on "Advanced" and  you should see the following: 

The string in the Conditions field represent the settings that you just specified, and that has to have the following appended at the end:

and not ( in 2990-3449 or in 3470-3499 or = 3510 or in 3530-4599 or in 4601-4680 or in 4682-9999)

To do this, simply copy the above string to your clipboard and add a single space at the end of the Conditions field (Be sure to NOT erase the existing string), and paste the above string.

This should look as follows:

Finally, click on "Create shipping rate" and your integration with Burd is now complete.

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