If you need data in any of your order lines that differs from the data that Webshipper received from your order channel or from the API, you can just create an automation with an "UpdateOrderLine" action. The action has 3 attributes. 

  • Attribute
    The Attribute field allows you to choose the attribute of the order line.
  • Value
    The Value field allows you to specify a value for the order line. The Value field supports the Webshipper Template Language (WTL) placeholders - you may use the the placeholders "line" and "order", which respectively specify the line to be updated, and the attributes and nested properties of the order. To get an overview of the entity attributes, please see the following: https://docs.webshipper.io/#orders. 
  • Condition
    You can conditionally update the order line by using Webshipper Expressions. Available attributes are the order line itself. For example, you can specify "quantity = 1". If you omit this field, it will always execute the action. To see more about expressions, please refer to https://docs.webshipper.io/#8-expressions 


In this example, we will adjust the SKU field to the Description value for all orders shipped to Denmark. First, we select "Order" and "Created", and then we specify delivery_address_country_code = "DK" to affect all orders bound for Denmark. Finally, we specify {{line.sku}}, {{line.description}} in the Value field.

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