Create New Order Channel

First, you need to create a new order channel. Navigate to Settings > Order channels and press 'New order channel'. Choose 'SmartWeb' and press 'Connect'. 

You will then be be asked to enter an API username and password.

Login to your SmartWeb account and go to Control Panel > API and mark the 'API Access' field, and then press 'Save'.

Now you need to create your SmartWeb API credentials. 

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Users and press 'Create Administrative User'.

Choose 'API' for 'Access to'.

Enter a username and password, and press 'Create'.

After creating your API credentials, go back to Webshipper and enter the credentials and give your order channel a name.

Finally, press 'Create order channel'.

Congratulations! You have now setup your SmartWeb order channel.

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