Create New Order Channel

First of all, you need to create your new e-conomic order channel. Head over to Settings > Order channels and press 'New order channel'. Choose 'e-conomic' and press 'Connect'. 

Give your e-conomic order channel a name and insert your e-conomic access token. In Webshipper, you can do so by pressing 'Get token'.

If you are not already logged into your e-conomic account, you will be asked to log in to add the Webshipper app.

When you have your access token, you can set up how you want your e-conomic orders transferred to Webshipper.

Most importantly, you can decide which order status should be synchronized with Webshipper. 

Finally, press 'Create order channel' and you are ready to use your e-conomic integration for Webshipper.

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