Link Shipping Methods

Linking shipping methods to your orders allows you to link a shipping method created in your order channel with one created in Webshipper.

Go to your order list and find an order with a shipping method that you want to link to a shipping method in Webshipper.

Click 'Link shipping method' to that order.

A window will pop up asking which shipping method from Webshipper to link to the shipping method coming from your order channel.

Choose the preferred shipping method and press 'Select and link shipping method'.

All orders coming into Webshipper with that shipping method from your order channel will now automatically be assigned with your chosen shipping method from Webshipper.

Manage Your Linked Shipping Methods

In order to manage your linked shipping methods, go to Settings > Order channels and pick your order channel.

Press 'Edit order channel'.

Go to the section called 'Linked Shipping rates'.

Here you can edit, delete or add linked shipping rates.

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