Create New Order Channel

In Webshipper, start by going to Settings > Order channels and press 'New order channel'.

Find Magento2 and press 'Connect'.

Fill out the required credentials and insert an 'Access token'. If in doubt about how to create an access token, please see the section below.

Create Access Token

To create an access token, you will need to navigate to your Magento2 backend and go to System > Integrations > Add New Integration.

Give your new integration a name (preferably 'Webshipper') and type in the password of your backend.

Before saving, go to 'API' in the left sidebar and mark the 'Sales' & the 'Products' folder.

You are now able to see the Webshipper integration in your list and you can press 'Activate'.

A window will pop up asking you to allow Webshipper to access your Sales folder. Press 'Allow'.

Copy the access token and paste it into Webshipper.

Select if you want to create shipments and invoices in Magento2 and press 'Create order channel'.

Congratulations! Your Magento2 store is  connected to Webshipper. You are now ready to Get Started Adding Carriers and Shipping Rates.

Important: Display Shipping Rates from Webshipper in Your Checkout

To display shipping rates from Webshipper in your Magento2 checkout, you will need to download the Webshipper module for Magento2.

In Webshipper, go to Settings > Order channels and pick your order channel. 

In the right sidebar, find 'Module configuration' and press 'Download module'.

Upload the module in Magento2 and activate it.

If you experience difficulty in using the Webshipper module for Magento2, please contact our Support Team.

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