Create PostNord carrier

Navigate to Settings > Carriers > Create Carrier and press 'Create Carrier' for PostNord.

Insert a carrier name and insert your MISKOS number for PostNord. If you are in doubt about your MISKOS number, please contact PostNord.

Please notice: Before using our EDI integration, Webshipper needs to transfer your MISKOS number. If you intend to use Webshipper for your PostNord shipments, please inform us before shipping.

Create PostNord Shipping Rates

In Webshipper, head over to Settings > Order channels and pick your Order channel. Press 'Create shipping method'.

Insert a name for the shipping method and choose 'PostNord' as Carrier.

Choose the service from PostNord you want to use.

Create your shipping zones and finally press 'Create shipping method'.

Congratulations! You are now able to use PostNord for your shipments.

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