Create a return rate

Before creating a return shipment and the associated label, you need to make sure that you have created a return rate.

Go to Settings > Order channels and pick your order channel. 

Click 'Create shipping method' in the top right corner and choose the carrier that you want to use for your return rate.

Instead of 'Standard rate (Outbound)' as the shipping rate type,  you need to select 'Return rate (Inbound)'.

Finally, adjust the remaining settings to your liking and click on 'Create shipping method'.

Create a return shipment

Once you have created the return rate, you are ready to create return shipments. Creating a return shipment for an order is easy, simply navigate to the order for which you want to create the return label. 

Click on 'Actions' and then 'Create return shipment'. 

You will be asked to define the weight, height, width and length of your shipment together with the shipping method for the return shipment.

Select your return rate and press 'Create'.

Your return shipment has now been created and you may now print the return label just like a normal shipping label.

Congratulations! You have created your first return label.

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