Download Webshipper Silent Printer

It's simple to setup the Webshipper printer client and start your automatic printing of parcel slips and shipping labels.

Navigate to Settings > Printers and press the 'Download on the App Store' button.


Once the program is downloaded and installed, you will be asked your company name.
This is located in the welcome e-mail, you got when signing up for Webshipper.
TIP: It is also the first bit of the URL of your Webshipper backend.

Webshipper will afterwards ask for permission to access your account. Press 'Allow access'.

You will be asked to open Webshipper Silent Printer where you can now connect.

Your Webshipper account is now authorized and you can start the setting up the printer configurations.

Setup Printer Settings

When connected, Webshipper Silent Printer is ready to go and you can start setting up your printer settings.

In Webshipper navigate to Settings > Printers.

Mark a printer that should be used for documents and one used for labels and choose the printing format like the image below:

Select Your Work Station

In order to print directly from Webshipper you need to attach a work station to your user.

Click on your name in the bottom left corner and press 'Your user'.

Select your installed printer client and attach it to your user.

Press 'Update profile*.

Setup Automatic Printing

Also, setup your automatic printing of parcel slips by heading over to Settings > Order channels and pick your order channel. Press 'Edit order channel' and go to the Parcel slip settings. 

Setup your automated printing by choosing a preferred automated printing setting and afterwards selecting a 'Work station'.

Press 'Update order channel'.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use automated printing for Mac.

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