With Webshipper it is now easier than ever to configure the look and content of your parcel slips.

To start editing your parcel slips head over to Settings > Parcel Slips and hit 'Create template'.

The content of the standard slip template is mainly built up by 'Placeholders'. With Placeholders you can decide which information should be displayed where.

You are also able to add or delete columns, if you want to display more or less information.

You are always able to see how your slip template looks by pressing 'Example'. 

When you are satisfied with your parcel slip template remember to head over to Settings > Order channels and pick your order channel and press 'Edit order channel'. 

Go to 'Parcel slip', choose your parcel slip template, upload a logo and press 'Update order channel'.

Congratulations! Your slip template is now ready to be used.

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