Integrating your Magento-powered store with Webshipper has two aspects to it.

The first step is enabling the transfer of orders from Magento to Webshipper for automating the freight process.

The second is providing shipping rates and drop points during customer checkout, which needs the Webshipper add-on module for Magento to be installed.

Create API Credentials in Magento 

The first step in integrating Webshipper with Magento is to create API credentials in your Magento setup, which will allow Webshipper to interact with Magento.

Start by logging into your Magento administration panel.
You will need to create a Web Service Role and a Web Service User.

Navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML RPC – Roles, and click on "Add New Role". Give the new role a name, e.g., "webshipper", and input your administrator password. Now select the tab "Role Resources" on the left, and choose the roles "Catalog" and "Sales", and click on "Save Role".

Navigate to  System > Web Services > SOAP/XML RPC – Users, and click on "Add New User". You may fill in the name-related fields to your liking. 

However, we would suggest using "webshipper" for the username, and also to use your actual e-mail address. You will also need to input your administrator password. 

The next step is entering an API key.
Simply put: A long password, that Webshipper will be able to use to authenticate with Magento.

Next, select the tab "User Role" on the left, and choose the role for Webshipper that you created. Finally, click on "Save User".

Creating a Magento order channel

Now log into Webshipper, and navigate to Settings > Order channels and click on "New order channel".

Find Magento v1 on the list of available order channel types and click on "Connect".

Input a name for this order channel, and the various credentials you created in the previous step along with the different relevant settings for your Magento installation. Finally, click on "Create order channel". Webshipper will not begin to synchronize orders with Magento.

Installing the Webshipper add-on module for Magento

To provide shipping rates and drop points during checkout, you will need to install the Webshipper add-on module for Magento.

To get started, log into Webshipper and navigate to Settings > Order channels and select your Magento v1 order channel. Under "Module configuration" on the right, click on "Download module", you will then be provided with a ZIP file containing the module which you need to save on your computer. Before moving on, you need to copy the configuration token (the text string contained in the blue field) which you will need later.

Open the folder to which you saved the ZIP file, right-click on the ZIP file and extract it. You should now have a folder named "Webshipper" which should contain a folder named "app".

At this point, you need to use an FTP/SFTP program to connect to your web server. Once you are logged in via FTP/SFTP, navigate the directory structure of your Magento installation. Upload the "app" folder from the module to the root of your Magento installation. This will cause the "app" folder of the module to be merged into the existing "app" folder of your Magento installation.

When the "app" folder has been uploaded, the Webshipper add-on module should be installed.

Configure shipping rates and drop points

After installing the Webshipper add-on module for Magento, you need to return to the Magento administration panel and navigate to System > Configuration and select "Webshipper" under "General" in the menu on the left.

Insert the configuration token from Webshipper, which you copied earlier, and click on "Save Config".

Congratulations, you have now fully integrated Webshipper into your Magento setup!

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