You have already created an Order channel, and you are ready to add Carriers and Shipping methods and rates that can be displayed in your checkout.

Before adding a shipping method to your order channel you need to create a carrier.

Create a Carrier

Simply add a Carrier by navigating to Settings > Carriers > Create Carrier and choose a Carrier you would like to add. 

The information that you need to type to be able to add a Carrier in Webshipper differs from Carrier to Carrier. For example, Using UPS you need to type in your 'UPS Username', 'UPS Password', 'UPS Access Token' and 'UPS Account Number'.

If you are in doubt about the required information you need to type in, please contact your Carrier.

Press 'Create Carrier'.

Create a Shipping Method

Once a Carrier is created you are able to create your shipping methods and rates.

Go to Settings > Order channels > Pick your order channel and press 'Create shipping method'.

Choose the Carrier you wish to use and choose a service. Depending on the carrier and service chosen, a number of extra settings will become visible. Check that the settings are as you want.

Now you need to add your Shipping Zone(s).

A specific service from a Carrier can have several Shipping zones. For example, you might want to ship both to Spain and Italy with UPS Standard, but you want different prices for the two destinations.

In Webshipper, the setup of a Shipping Zone could look like this:

A Shipping zone can have several shipping rates. For example, you might want to add a free shipping rate with a Cart total above €100 in addition to your standard shipping rate. With Webshipper you can customise your shipping rates exactly like you want.

Finally, check that all your Shipping rates are displayed as wanted in your checkout.

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