Have you ever tried adding locations to products transferred to Webshipper? 

Managing a warehouse with hundreds (maybe thousands) of different products, you will at one point experience that you need locations for your products in order to quickly find what you need for your customers.

With Webshipper, you are able to note the location of a product directly in its SKU number.

For this we will need to use automations.

In Webshipper, navigate to Settings > Automations > Create Automation.

You want to update the information of an order line and to do so, you need to select "Order" and "Created", so that you get this:
When an 'Order' is 'Created' Then 'Update order line'.

For the 'Attribute', you need to choose 'location' and insert the following code in the 'Value' field:

{% assign locsplit = line.sku | split: '-' %}{{locsplit | last}}

This piece of code causes Webshipper to split up the SKU number into both a SKU number and a SKU location. 

In this example, we want the location to appear after the hyphen.

A SKU number looking like this '12345678-32.B.4' will be transferred to Webshipper with the SKU number '12345678' and the location '32.B.4'.

Congratulations! You are now ready to set up your locations within your SKU numbers.

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